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  • Alfresco Health & Beauty Anti bug bite 'Best Before’ Dates

    Here in my blog written on a beautiful Spring day in April 2017 London, I’m explaining our Best Before dates because I hear there is some confusion.
    In particular I want to talk about our Vintage special BB 03/18 like a wine it matures and improves with age. Mmmmm the fragrance!!??
    I truly love love love it.
    I love to work on my [...]


    Hey Sarah. I’m a girl who likes nature very much. I also love the feeling of staying natural. I believe it must be one of the reasons that I love Alfresco! Alfresco can always make me feel natural and elegant. Just like what you said, “beauty without bites”. I should thank my friend for introducing [...]


    Hello Sarah-Lou. I’m a big fan of Alfresco, and I followed Alfresco Facebook page long time ago. I saw you go to watch “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” last week. Could you tell me more about it? Do you like it? Is there any other play that you are interested in?
    Have a good week.
    Kind regards
    Hi [...]

  • #AskAlfresco--Exhibitions

    Hi Sarah-Lou. Do you like visiting museums? Could you recommend some interesting exhibitions in London to me? Many thanks. Alex
    Hi Alex,
    I love museums and exhibitions so much. At weekends in London I spend my time off with friends going to exhibitions, theatre, films and museums....bit of yoga too. Here are some more I [...]

  • #AskAlfresco .... Alfresco - A vegan friendly insect repellent!

    Is Alfresco a vegan friendly insect repellent? Michael
    Hi Michael!
    Thanks for asking this question. I’m glad you brought it up, because the answer is YES, Alfresco is absolutely a vegan friendly insect repellent.

    The first thing to say is that, as I’m sure you know, our product doesn’t kill any insect – it simply repels them!  We [...]

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