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Leftover Alfresco? On Holiday Or Away bring back Alfresco use it night and day.

From Bognor to the Bahamas and everywhere else in between, our fans have been taking Alfresco natural insect repellent on holiday to protect them from the bane of biting bugs. Insects buzz-off in the opposite direction when they get a sniff of our Moisturiser and Acqua d’Alfresco, while humans are attracted by the spicy, floriental scent.

Once opened, the insect repelling, natural ingredients in Alfresco products are effective for at least 12 months. If you have Alfresco to use up but no trips planned, simply use it wherever you are! At home or abroad, Alfresco will protect you from bug bites for at least 12 months after opening. We’ve even heard that pet fleas seem to be repelled by it – great news for those who live or work with animals.

12 months have passed and you have unused Alfresco? Our range of products are excellent in their own right as a luxury perfume, and a high-quality, skin-friendly moisturiser. Add Alfresco to your daily beauty routine. Make Acqua d’Alfresco your signature scent and have people ask you; ‘What’s that fabulous perfume you’re wearing?’, (it happens to Sarah-Lou all the time☺︎).