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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

Alfresco Has A New Squeeze...oooo in Two Sizes!

“The English definition of 'A New Squeeze' is a new best friend, that's what we call our Alfresco Moisturiser in a tube or a bottle.”

I still love our smart 200ml bottles which are still available, but I realised recently Al needs an uptown, upbeat new squeeze in two sizes! One (50ml tube) for the pocket/bag/travel...One (200ml tube more squeezes), and here they are in the garden Alfresco looking great!

Notice we haven't put the sizes on the front ..50ml or 200ml, they are on the back. That's because we love our logo soooo much and we love that it says A Blend of Botanical Extracts.

We did not want 200ml and 50ml getting in the way of our arty designer logo. On the back too the 12 month can open icon, meaning as long as you keep it unused and sealed, Alfresco stays useable for a year after BB (best before date).

After a year of trial & error developing new packaging, the first for 21 years, our new tubes have finally found their way to you, our loyal fans and customers, for you to squeeze ...buy them in our Alfresco Shop

Go grab 'n' squeeze our earth coloured tubes, in both 200ml and 50ml pocket size; Alfresco proudly Made in Great Britain.

Of course, Alfresco Moisturiser Natural Anti-Bug Bite is exactly the same as it ever was. Why would we ever change the best moisturiser in the world? Made as naturally as can be for 21 years for use on your face and body. We wouldn't change the moisturiser, and we only gave you A New Squeeze, Moisturiser in Tubes. What a good idea I hear you all say in different languages! Alfresco loved worldwide by young, old & in betweenies. We have one common International word: Alfresco. Oh and by the way...Alfresco is not just a moisturiser, its scent keeps bugs away too.... as if you didn't know!

Buy now at: https://www.alfrescoshop.com/moisturizers