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Alfresco…an Anti-Mosquito Perfume that Really Works!

If you had told me 25 years ago that one day I would be the CEO of a company that manufactures anti-mosquito perfume, I would have thought you were mad! Yet fast-forward 20 years and here I am today, with a company I have built myself and I couldn’t be prouder of the products I have designed.

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Anti-Mosquito Perfume - Acqua D’Alfresco

I’ve said before in this blog that I first created Alfresco to respond to my own desire for a product that would protect me from mosquitoes and biting insects without compromising my comfort. Using the wisdom gained during my time volunteering at the Chelsea Physic Garden, I managed to create a beautiful anti-mosquito perfume with a mesmerising fragrance. I took this scent to a perfume house that has been running since 1730, and with a few tweaks along the way, the Alfresco that so many people have come to know and love remains the same 20 years later. alfresco insect repellent ceo You may think that ‘anti-mosquito perfume’ is an oxymoron – such a product couldn’t possibly exist! Don’t take it from me though - ask any of our many clients who return to Alfresco again and again. Carola wrote just yesterday: “So glad I found a product that works perfectly, and besides that it's free of toxin, smells great and easy to use. Even my kids like this. If you use this, you’ll never want anything else.” Check the reviews on the Alfresco website to see the hundreds of other fans who agree with Carola.

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A blend of 22 essential oils goes in to Alfresco, making a rich, spicy fragrance that you’ll want to wear everyday. People often ask me what perfume I’m wearing – the answer is always Alfresco! I wear both the Anti Bug-Bite Moisturiser and the Acqua D’Alfresco everyday to feel safe and sexy and smell delicious!