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#AskAlfresco .... Alfresco - A vegan friendly insect repellent!

Is Alfresco a vegan friendly insect repellent? Michael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Michael!   Thanks for asking this question. I’m glad you brought it up, because the answer is YES, Alfresco is absolutely a vegan friendly insect repellent.   The first thing to say is that, as I’m sure you know, our product doesn’t kill any insect – it simply repels them!  We test our product by putting it on a person and measuring how many insects are attracted to the person wearing it in a given amount of time. Using this method means that no insects are harmed at all in the process. Both the Acqua D’Alfresco and the Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturiser are completely free of products derived from animals. As a big animal lover myself, this was something that was always important to me. The other element of Alfresco that makes it a vegan friendly insect repellent is that it is 100% DEET free. This means it is far better for the environment than products that contain DEET, and so is kinder to animals too!  You can read more about that here.   Hope that help!   Sarah-Lou