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#AskAlfresco... Essential Oils!

Hi Sarah-Lou! I want to start using essential oils more. Which are the best flavours I should invest in? thanks! Lucy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is one of my favourite topics! I have spent many years experimenting with different oils, they are of course powerful ingredients in my Anti Bug Bite Moisturiser and my Acqua D’Alfresco. I always use good quality, organic brands. I have a large collection of oils, but these are the ones I find myself coming back to again and again.


I put a few drops of this into a bath at the end of the day, and a couple of drops on a tissue which I slide into my pillowcase. Perfect for relaxation


This is a strong scent! The essential oil comes from cold-pressing the lemon peel and not the fruit itself. This makes it extra intense. It is refreshing, calming and purifying. It can be used in cleaning products too, but I usually put it in my oil burner because I love the fragrance. Lemon oil is a key ingredient in the Alfresco secret fragrance combination!


Cedarwood is another ingredient that I put in the Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturiser and Acqua D’Alfresco. It has a woody, sweet and spicy aroma. I put it in my burner when I’m feeling nervous as I find it extremely calming.

Clary sage

Clary sage is especially well known for being great for women. It is particularly good for hormonal imbalance and so can be used by women who suffer from PMS. It cures bloating, cramps, mood swings and food cravings. It is antispasmodic, meaning it can treat cramps, headaches and stomach aches. It has even been used to reduce menstrual pain and to relax women during labour. Read more about the essential oils in Alfresco in this blogpost.