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My BA flight to City Airport from Palma Mallorca was cancelled yesterday due to protests on the London airport runway. I was forced to re-book with Iberia, the only ticket to get me back was for the next day, so I had to return to my hotel and suffer this extra time to write from my terrace instead of my little design studio in London. Here I am reflecting on summer 2016 The Year Zika hit the headlines. best mosquito repellent best natural mosquito repellent I wish pictures had sounds, the waves lapping on the shore & some distant exotic bird. I wish pictures had fragrance. My Alfresco (best mosquito repellent!) blends with some kind of vanilla sweet smelling plant nearby. I'm here, stuck! Although here on business with new distributors for Spain, I also took advantage of a few days off before I go back tomorrow to my voluntary day a week as teaching assistant in my local primary school. Lying here thinking back on Summer 2016, for the CEO of a best mosquito repellent company for over twenty years, it came as quite a shock that the world suddenly wanted Alfresco. I head up a tiny company, our A Team consists of very few people. We are dedicated and caring but the unexpected rise to our natural insect repellent fame took its toll on our resources! We've come through this year so far, and if you read our reviews there's a lot of happy Alfresco customers out there, bite free.

Best Mosquito Repellent Designer With A Teaching Career

Back to school tomorrow I can't wait! My return to a teaching career, it's fun for me, to take a day off from designing natural bug repellent potions. Helping the awesome teacher educate 7 to 8 yr old children at my old age, the same as some of their grandmas, has been my vocation so imagine my delight at the thought of back to school tomorrow. Meanwhile I'll have to make the most of today, be in the present moment enjoy an extra day off from my main job, making sure Alfresco remains the best insect repellent in the world.
Watch this video about what inspired me to create Acqua d’Alfresco, a perfume and the best mosquito repellent at the same time.