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Welcome to Alfresco

Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

Call us old fashioned

Alfresco was born in the summer of 1996 whilst I was working as a volunteer at London’s 300yr old Chelsea Physic Garden. The bugs were abundant, and I got bitten. I was also travelling extensively with time on my hands having taken what I was proud to say ‘early retirement” from a successful fashion business.

My retirement lasted approximately 3 months because you all know what came next.. whilst gardening and traveling I couldn’t find a natural sweet smelling bug repellent until I went into a laboratory with a pharmacist and came up with this winning formula Alfresco. I went back into business because I believed the world needs a good skin Moisturiser which doubles as an insect repellent.

Cut to 23 years later, and here I still am apparently I was right. With a fabulous little team supporting me, Great British factories but best of all you our Kings, our Queens, our Princes and Princesses, I’m talking about you our customers all love Alfresco.

I never understand why usually customer service is rude, neglectful and mostly these days either some robotic third party nothing to do with the company or doesn’t exist at all.

How normal and usual for us to get praise as lust week from Bertrand Revel one of our loyal customers in Switzerland…

"Thanks so much for the excellent customer service experience. It’s maybe one of the best customer support I ever had with a company".

It’s with you in mind I developed the 100ml our new size tube. We have been asked over and over this last couple of years since bringing out our handy cool moisturisers in squeezy tubes, please can we have 100ml

So we did.

Classic & Classic

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a short piece of my history from 1996 to 2019. Next short piece is going to be all about the healing essential oils contained in Alfresco...with a humorous survey in videos asking people on the streets of London what memories immediately come to mind as they take a first sniff of some of the beautifully healing fragrances.

Thank you to all our Beauties without Bites Enjoy freedom with Alfresco.