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  • The Power to Repel

    We at Alfresco have never rushed into developing new products because we care about getting out what is right for you, our loyal fans, rather than just looking at the financials. The Alfresco Concept (1996) was developed in a London medicinal garden with perfumers and cosmeticians who cared about my...
  • Call us old fashioned

    Alfresco was born in the summer of 1996 whilst I was working as a volunteer at London’s 300yr old Chelsea Physic Garden. The bugs were abundant, and I got bitten. I was also travelling extensively with time on my hands having taken what I was proud to say ‘early retirement”...
  • How to Choose Insect Repellent for Babies & Children

    Whether you’re off on holiday or just enjoying summer here in the UK, it’s crucial to protect your little ones from nasty insect bites, which can range from a mild irritant to potentially causing very dangerous diseases. So, how do you know which insect repellents to choose for young children...
  • How to Stop Mosquito & Insect Bites

    Whether you are travelling abroad or within the UK, bites from mosquitoes and other pesky insects can be annoying, itchy and sometimes painful. In some parts of the world, insect bites can even be dangerous, due to the spread of disease. With all of this considered, it’s no surprise that...
  • Where In The World Do You Need Alfresco?

    Travelling is one of life's greatest pleasures. Seeing the world through your own eyes and your own first hand experiences is an arguably unrivalled pleasure. Whether you're off on a lengthy backpacking trip, or a luxury cruise, packing the essentials are key. It can be all too easy to forget...

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