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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

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  • I’m an Adventuress! "Just a gal who can’t say No!”

    My love of perfume, flowers and my belief in the healing effects of aromatherapy means I’ve followed a path of Joy this past 20 years, dabbling into essences to keep bugs from biting us. Although running a business gets in the way of working on new fragrances, my favourite side...
  • What's the buzz about phenoxyethanol?

    Phenoxyethanol is a glycol ether that is used as an anti-bacterial preservative in cosmetics as well as a stabilizer in perfume. Interestingly, although the phenoxyethanol used in skincare products is almost always synthetic, this chemical occurs naturally in green tea. It is used in a tiny quantity in our Alfresco Anti Bug Bite...

    Get out that fashion statement dress on to our red carpet, Paparazzi stand back. Open the doors with a Welcome all you Beauties Without Bites, step right into our New! ALFRESCOSHOP. Welcome also to my life! The last 20 years has been filled with fragrance, essential oils, health, beauty, travel...
  • Does Alfresco best before date help keep bugs away?

    My advice is; if it looks and feels as you remember, it should be fine to use and should still repel insects. There may be a small reduction in effectiveness over time, but not much. It should be perfectly safe to use. My Alfresco has an expiry date on it...

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