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  • Is Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturizer safe to use on babies with G6PD deficiency?

    G6PD is short for, Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase, which is a substance found in red blood cells that helps prevent chemicals from damaging the red blood cells. Some people have a deficiency of this substance and are said to be G6PD deficient. In other words, they have a reduced amount...
  • Hong Kong Here I Come Again!

    Turn the clocks back, roll back the years to another century---1984. Back when I was a fashion accessories designer with my own company. I was a young mum living in cool Primrose Hill before the celebs had moved in. Before we even used the word cool! I'd built a brand...
  • Cinnamon, black pepper and a trail of ants

    Sarah-Lou Morris, CEO of Alfresco, talks about what inspired her to invent a natural anti-bug fragrance Sarah-Lou has always been fascinated by the healing properties of essential oils It all started 18 years ago in Chelsea with cinnamon, black pepper and a trail of ants. At the time, I was...
  • Rave On! From Alfresco CEO Sarah-Lou

    Honestly I'm over the moon, delighted with the rave reviews customers write on our website. I promise I don't bribe or pay for them but you'd think I did! My latest pleasure comes as Sarah Vine of The London Daily Mail picks Alfresco as one of her 5 fave products...
  • Alfresco Goes To Cosmoprof Beauty Show: behind the scenes.

    My small private company Alfresco Ltd is about to go head to head with the big boys and girls in the beauty business. On 4th April, only a month away, Alfresco will open the curtains of its stand in The British Pavilion International Hall 30 Block F36-G35 Stand B in Bologna...

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