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  • New video launches Alfresco Yes! Haircare

    The Alfresco team had a fabulous time at the Corfu Suite in Blakes Hotel, shooting our first little 45 second ad to launch the new Yes! brand of Alfresco haircare. Look out for new Alfresco Yes! anti-bug hair products, video and music in the Spring. Our model prepares for her...
  • Behind the scenes in Moscow: super cars and a charity cycle ride

    Alfresco’s CEO shows us behind the scenes of her latest business trip to Russia On this trip, I went as a guest of the UKTI to the "Great Britain Trade Fair” held at the Ambassador’s residence on the banks of the Mosca River. The banqueting suite faces the Kremlin. Wow...
  • Sarah-Lou reviews Americana by her neighbour, Ray Davies

THE KINKS, THE ROAD AND THE PERFECT RIFF by RAY DAVIES Ten years ago I walked past a row of houses in my London village. I’d walked past them many times since childhood. I noticed a little girl I’d never seen before in one of the front gardens. She...
  • Mozambique without bites

    Jamie Logan is an Alfresco fan who works as a music consultant for a music publishing company, helping producers for film, tv and advertising to find suitable music for their work. Here she lets us in on her recent adventures in Mozambique, and reveals how she first came across Alfresco...
  • Alfresco goes to the movies: Cannes report

    As always, the movie crowd were out in force along the Croisette. I sat and watched as all the superstars wafted by – Steven Spielberg, Sharon Stone and Matt Damon. I spotted a couple of Alfresco fans too - Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas. But for me, the biggest...

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