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  • How Does Insect Repellent Work?

    How Does Insect Repellent Work? It’s estimated that at any one time, there are as many as 10 quintillion insects alive in the world, which is a lot of bugs! This means that they can be pretty tricky to keep at bay, which is where insect repellents such as Alfresco...
  • What Biting Insects To Look Out For In The UK

    What Biting Insects To Look Out For In The UK Here in the UK, we are lucky enough to have quite a low number of dangerous animals. Unlike other countries with snakes and bears or deadly spiders, we have relatively few creatures that we need to give a wide berth...
  • Alfresco Has A New Squeeze...oooo in Two Sizes!

    “The English definition of 'A New Squeeze' is a new best friend, that's what we call our Alfresco Moisturiser in a tube or a bottle.” I still love our smart 200ml bottles which are still available, but I realised recently Al needs an uptown, upbeat new squeeze in two sizes...
  • Alfresco Health & Beauty Anti bug bite 'Best Before’ Dates

    Here in my blog written on a beautiful Spring day in April 2017 London, I’m explaining our Best Before dates because I hear there is some confusion. In particular I want to talk about our Vintage special BB 03/18 like a wine it matures and improves with age. Mmmmm the fragrance!!?? I truly love love...

    Hey Sarah. I’m a girl who likes nature very much. I also love the feeling of staying natural. I believe it must be one of the reasons that I love Alfresco! Alfresco can always make me feel natural and elegant. Just like what you said, “beauty without bites”. I should...

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