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  • The Perfect Insect Repellent for Children

    I am happy to say that I’ve gone back to my roots and now work in a school one day a week, making use of the teacher training I had way back when! I love children and am loving being surrounded by the intelligent and hilarious children in the class...
  • A Luxury Insect Repellent for You!

    When I designed Alfresco I wanted to make something different from other products on offer. Insect repellent I had used smelled horrible, was sticky, and always left my skin feeling like I had put something toxic on it! I knew that there must be another way to get the same...
  • Time for a holiday in London: Best British Holiday Toiletries

    The pound briefly dropped 6% overnight. Buy the Best Beautiful British Luxury Holiday Toiletries “cheap as chips” (which is our English phrase for a bargain). At one point the pound dropped 10% from $1.26 to $1.15, its lowest level since March 1985, in a matter of minutes as Asia opened for...
  • Summer Holiday Checklist

    When you’re working hard you need to make sure you’re also taking some me-time - a holiday for yourself! As a businesswoman myself, I know the importance of self-care, especially when it can feel like your time is always taken up by looking after those around you! Here are the things...
  • What To Pack For Holiday: My Top 3 Cities

    It is never easy to decide on what to pack for holiday. Here are my notes on what to pack when going to my top 3 cities: London, Moscow and Portsmouth. What To Pack For Holiday - London London, although I live here, is the best city in the world...

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