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The Perfect Insect Repellent for Children

I am happy to say that I’ve gone back to my roots and now work in a school one day a week, making use of the teacher training I had way back when! I love children and am loving being surrounded by the intelligent and hilarious children in the class I currently volunteer with. As a mother myself (to a grown up child now!) it’s obvious that I would want Alfresco to be able to be used by everyone – whether young or old. Young children’s skin is sensitive and can be irritated by the harsh chemicals in most shop bought insect repellent.

The Perfect Insect Repellent for Children - Alfresco

Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturizer has become a favourite, and is bought by many customers who use it on themselves and their kids because they know it is an insect repellent for children as well as adults. Best of all, because it smells so delicious, you won’t have to struggle with unwilling kids to get it on! Getting ready can be quick and easy, I promise! Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturizer absorbs quickly into your child’s skin and smells far better than other repellents, all while keeping bugs away. Parents love Alfresco because it does not contain DEET, a strong chemical found in other repellents that can bother your children’s delicate skin. With over 22 essential oils in Alfresco’s secret blend, it is totally natural and child-friendly, making it the best insect repellent. Your child is free to be themselves, play and explore without the need to worry. insect repellent for children I recently went on a trip to the Oxford University Botanic Garden – it is a beautiful place to take kids and a great opportunity for them to learn about plants and seasons. They even have special activities for children. Don’t forget your Pocket Size Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturizer and the whole family will have fun while staying protected from bugs. best insect repellent for kids Top tip: Although you might not want to put Acqua d’Alfresco on your children’s skin, you can spray it onto their clothes or their bedclothes.  Equally, insects will be repelled if an adult nearby is wearing it too! The moisturizer is also a perfect insect repellent for children.