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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

A review of natural insect repellents: best buys worldwide

natural insect repellents   For twenty years I’ve been developing a small range of beauty products that repel bugs - natural insect repellentsAlfresco moisturizer and Acqua d’Alfresco fragrance. To my Beauties without Bites who don't yet know me, let me introduce myself,  Sarah-Lou Morris, CEO of Alfresco Ltd London, England. I’m writing about comparisons with other natural bug repellents, but let’s be honest, I’m not going to give an unbiased opinion but I’ll try. A good insect repellent is crucial for freedom and fun whilst  frolicking about Alfresco, oh sorry did i mention Alfresco again? I meant to say ‘outdoors!’ Freedom and fun whilst with the obvious life commitments are what we should all be having and doing. Which is why long ago back in the day in 1996 I figured, that to enjoy bite free holidays there needed to be a beautiful fragranced body and face moisturizer that could work as a natural insect repellent an after sun (great moisturizer) and one that could be used not only on women but children and men (one and the same, meaning men’s delicate skin!). I took the essential oil blend I’d worked on with a perfumer to a well established factory. The rest is history. As far as I’m concerned Alfresco is the best ever natural bug repellent that has such a gorgeous fragrance and works! Proven over many years to many celebs and us more ordinary humans alike. Several years later after trial and error and many visits to the fabulous perfume museum in Grasse France I blended Alfresco fragrance into an eau de toilette and came up with a matching fragrance spray to our Alfresco moisturizer - Acqua d’Alfresco was born. A real perfume that really is a perfume.

natural insect repellents

A Review Of Natural Insect Repellents: Best Buys Worldwide

Here are a list of others and extra defence that you could try but they are not going to compare, to be honest in my opinion!! SKIN-SO-SOFT Bug Guard PLUS IR3535® Insect Repellent Moisturizing Lotion by Avon which is big competition to Alfresco! It is much cheaper, if you don't mind a strong smell of citronella I’ve heard its good and works. Contains IR3535 A synthetic biocide  used as a repellent registered to Merck and approved for use as an insect repellent by the EU. (3-(N- butyl-N-acetyl-aminopropionic acid, ethyl ester) I’ve researched insect repellent combo with sunscreen...which Bug Guard contains and would be wary. Ben’s natural insect Repellent spray offers and effective alternative to DEET. The active ingredient derives from Lemon Eucalyptus Oil. Again if you don't mind that smell, heard good things and a quarter of the price of Alfresco Acqua d’Alfresco but you may repel humans too. I’ve heard these fun sounding apparel can help - Care Plus Bug Sox Adventure which are impregnated with HealthGuard. head-nets

Head Nets work well!

I hope this has been helpful to all the thousands of loyal, worldwide fans that have been buying our Alfresco natural insect repellents and using them as your favourite  luxury perfume and moisturizer. I’d love to hear from you because  all our customers are important whether you are the make up artists, stars on location , artists,  every day friends, neighbours in London and abroad with or without Brexit, Alfresco wouldn't exist without you. Contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.