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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

Alfresco: A Completely Natural Mosquito Repellent

Excited for summer but scared of the inevitable bites? Worried about putting chemicals and other nasty ingredients on your sensitive skin? We know how that feels. Sometimes it seems as if we are constantly having to compromise between the way we want to actually look after our skin, and the limited selection of products that are available. Luckily, Alfresco is a natural mosquito repellent that not only works efficiently to repel bugs but also nourishes your skin at any time of year, bugs or not. natural mosquito repellent Alfresco is made of a blend of 22 essential oils, including French Lavender, cinnamon, and nutmeg. These oils, and the many many others in Alfresco, combine to create a delicious fragrance that will deter insects but attract people! Alfresco Anti Bug-Bite Moisturizer and Aqua D’Alfresco are both completely natural mosquito repellents, which means they are DEET free, paraben free and paraffin free. Feel free to apply them as much as you want, with no need to worry about damaging your skin with unkind shop-bought products. If, like we at Alfresco do, you believe that you are what you eat, then surely to maintain your skins precious balance it is equally necessary to choose only products that respect the delicate balance of your skin. There are many benefits to using natural skincare products instead of artificial chemical ones. They are typically much better for the environment and come with fewer risks when you use them on yourself or your children. natural bug repellent Smart consumers know to read between the lines when choosing the right products for themselves. If you are cautious about mass-produced, synthetic brands, then you will be relieved to hear that Alfresco is the perfect alternative. Developed in one of London’s oldest botanical gardens, and combining the power of nature’s mightiest plants, Alfresco is a natural mosquito repellent that will protect, nurture and love your skin just like it deserves. natural insect repellent for babies