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Where to go Alfresco in Brisbane

We love Australia, and had the luck recently to chat to a Brisbane gal who’s currently braving the chilly winter in London, while dreaming of her homeland. Priscilla Thenberg, top stylist at Gina Conway hairdressing salon in West London, gives us her insider’s tips on where to go and what to do during your stay in Brisbane. "The most beautiful places in Brisbane are next to water," says Priscilla. "The prettiest villages are on the bends of the Brisbane river, and there are so many great places where you can see whales and turtles, or just sit and find a picturesque spot for a picnic by the water." Getting close to water means getting close to bugs, of course, so stash some Alfresco in your picnic basket to keep those mozzies and sand flies at bay. Moreton Island
Moreton Island
“The Moreton Bay area around Moreton Island is a bit like the Florida Keys. There are lots of water-based activities, and you can go boating, sailing and fishing,” says Priscilla. “It feels quite local, not too built up, so it’s a great place to relax.” And if you’ve always wanted to go whale watching, you might be lucky enough to spot a Humpback whale while you’re there. Surfing in Straddie If you want to sound like a native, get the lingo right by referring to ‘Straddie’ when you’re talking about the Stradbroke islands. North and South Stradbroke islands are gorgeous hideaways that are still reasonably undeveloped. You’ll find plenty of surfers on South Stradbroke island, and there are some great places to sip on a chilled glass of Australian wine or a refreshing beer while the sun goes down. Couran Cove resort
Couran Cove
Take a 40 minute boat ride from South Stradbroke Island and you reach Couran Cove Island resort. Here you’ll find an EcoTourism resort where you can relax while listening to the sounds of native birds, walk along 22km of pristine beaches or just chill out down by the lagoon. North Stradbroke Island "Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island is proper paradise," says Priscilla. "There's a beautiful gorge walk, and you can see turtles and dolphins coming into the gorge." Walk on water OK, so you can't quite walk on water, but you can walk out over a sand split at low tide from Wellington Point to King Island. Wellington Point itself is well worth a look - a quaint seaside village with a pretty main street. "There's a sweet cafe at Wellington Point, with fig trees all around you and it's a great place for picnics," says Priscilla. But don't forget your Alfresco to keep the bugs away! New Farm Park Closer to the city of Brisbane, find New Farm Park on a bend of the Brisbane river. "There are lots of little restaurants there, particularly on James Street, where you can eat your way around the world, from India to Italy," says Priscilla. Bulimba / Hawthorne urban village
Pack Alfresco in your picnic basket
"Bulimba, also known as Hawthorne, is another area of Brisbane that's well worth checking out," says Priscilla. "There are lots of cafes and boutiques there." Grab a cupcake at the Cupcake Parlour, try a cocktail at Oxford 152 and stock up on delicious deli goodies from Hawthorne Garage for your picnic. Make sure the bugs don’t bite! And wherever you’re going near Brisbane’s picturesque waterside spots, remember to take your Alfresco moisturizer and anti-bug spray, so you can forget insects and just enjoy the laidback environment and stunning views.