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Where In The World Do You Need Alfresco?

Travelling is one of life's greatest pleasures. Seeing the world through your own eyes and your own first hand experiences is an arguably unrivalled pleasure. Whether you're off on a lengthy backpacking trip, or a luxury cruise, packing the essentials are key. It can be all too easy to forget the necessaries, whether it be your favourite walking shoes, some comfort foods from home or your trusted guide book. Up there with your essentials should also be a way to protect you and your family from biting insects. Being prepared and taking good precaution will help stop that awful itch, which too often can put a real downer on things. Alfresco Insect repellent is the perfect travelling buddy with an entirely natural formula, our range is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types, and it's great smelling scent will win even the most reluctant of repellent-wearers around. Understanding just where in the world our handy products will come in most useful is key to packing correctly, so let us take you through our top destinations where Alfresco comes in most handy. worldwide travel
  1. South-east Asia.
With its Bond-esq beaches and immersive cultures, SE Asia is home to some of the most popular backpacking destinations, including Thailand and Indonesia. The perfect destination for gap-year adventures, romantic honeymoons and family trips alike, this beautiful corner of the world isn't to be missed. Unfortunately a whole host of biting critters also have decided to take advantage of this beauty, and as a result, a good insect repellent is crucial to add to your packing list. Particular nasties that inhabit the area include Red Ants, Ticks, Mosquitoes and Leeches. In the areas less adventured you might even come across a variety of wasps, hornets and bees to be wary of, along with various spiders and scorpions.
  1. Africa.
90% of global Malaria ( a Mosquito-borne disease) deaths occur within Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is particularly notorious for biting bugs, and tourists are frequently plagued by clouds of persistent insects. A huge continent, stretching from the Mediterranean - African fusion of Morocco, to the wine empire of South Africa, the area is hugely diverse, and an understandable choice on many people's travel bucket list. One of the few consistencies throughout this whole continent however, is the abundance of insects meaning Alfresco is the perfect travel partner.
  1. Australia.
Life down under is many people's paradise. The relaxed atmosphere, balmy weather and glorious beaches have encouraged hundreds of thousands of us Brits to either relocate permanently, or take an extended holiday in Aus. Despite this, Australia has its fair share of insects and biting creatures, that can pack a real punch. We might firstly think of gigantic spiders being the primary culprits, but luckily, very few people are seriously injured by Arachnids. Instead, a variety of ants, mosquitoes and flies are the real problem. Taking a trusted repellent along will help you make the most of your time.  
  1. Scotland.
A beautiful country, from the rugged coastlines, with its hidden sandy coves, through to its vast magnificent mountain ranges, Scotland is as famed for stunning scenery, as it is its biting inhabitants. Midges and Mosquitoes are found in abundance, and warm golden evenings can often been plagued by clouds of critters. The Highlands are the hot spot for these creatures, especially in calm, still weather. Ticks can also be a problem, especially when roaming through the lush fells. Arming yourself with ‘The Full Alfresco’  will help ensure you can take in all the beauty, but without the annoyance of bites.  
  1. The Caribbean
The dreamy set of exclusive destinations where the sun always shines is sadly not except from the perils of hungry insects. The abundance varies from island to island but the plentiful coastal areas brings a lot of sand flies, also handily known as ‘no-see-ums’, which lie in wait in and around sandy areas and can leave you with an angry looking bite if you do come unprepared. One less common but a bite from the insect known as the kissing bug is by no means romantic. These tiny, bloodsucking insects sometimes live in the cracks and crevices of older buildings. They often bite exposed, sensitive flesh, such as the lips of sleeping humans. Nevertheless, being in a naturally beautiful area of the world, you need a naturally protective solution to do the job!  
  1. South America
One of the most recognised cultural hubs and a growing tourism scene, a lot of the hotspots in South America such as the cities in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina are real magnets for mosquitos and sadly, some quite nasty bug-borne diseases to boot. You may have seen the big media scare but as long as you take precautions with repellent, sensible clothing and also by considering vaccinations.   Wherever you're off to, make sure your well-prepared, with our fantastic range of products!