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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent


Carry your Alfresco natural insect repellent with you at all times. As well as helping keep you bite free and gorgeously scented, Alfresco is an excellent moisturiser when skin becomes dehydrated. Better yet, Alfresco comes in convenient travel-friendly sizes, perfect to take on-board planes, trains, cruise ships, motorcycles, helicopters, yachts, Learjets…

However, Alfresco may not prevent every single bite so particularly if travelling to malaria-infected parts, take professional medical advice.

If your doctor’s advice is to take strong chemical preparations, please do – it might save your life.

Mosquitoes, (including those which carry malaria), are most active from dusk until dawn. Coils and plug-ins are an effective bug deterrent in-doors, though it’s worth remembering that they do give off chemical vapours.

If used in conjunction with a sunscreen product, put Alfresco on first.

Quick Tips

  • Always shake Alfresco gently before use to create a synergy of fragrance.
  • Alfresco has not been tested for bees and wasps, however most insects seem to be repelled by it.
  • If used in conjunction with a sunscreen product, put Alfresco on first.
  • Remember, insects love your ankles and feet. Keep Alfresco handy for top-ups, and pay particular attention to any uncovered areas.
  • Alfresco Moisturizer can be used on children and babies. Patch test first.
  • Acqua d’Alfresco is anti-bug, although we know many of you use it year round as your favourite 'floriental' fragrance.
  • Make-Up artists love to use Alfresco Moisturizer under make-up. It can be safely used on your face though avoid the delicate eye area.
  • Alfresco is as natural as can be, so you can keep yourself as liberally covered as often as you like.
  • Never mind insects! Alfresco is a first-class face and body range - night and day.