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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent


The Best Natural Insect Repellent

The Alfresco

The Alfresco

1 x 200ml Moist Tube

1 x 50ml Acqua

1 x 50ml Anti Bug Bite Cologne

1 x 50ml Moist Tube

1 x 10ml Cologne

1 x 7.5ml Acqua


Try Us

Try Us

1 x 50ml Moisturiser Tube

1 x 7.5ml Acqua D'alfresco

1 x 10ml Cologne Bottle


Classic Big n 4Pockets

Classic Big 'n' 4Pockets

1 x 200ml Moisturiser Tube

4 x 50ml Moisturiser Tube


Classic & Classic

Classic & Classic

2 x 200ml Moisturiser Tube


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What is Alfresco?

What is Alfresco?

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Getting to know Alfresco

Getting to know Alfresco


About Alfresco

Natural Insect



Deet Free (Moisturiser and Fragrance)

Paraben Free (Moisturiser)

Paraffin Free (Moisturiser)

Contains Over Twenty Essential Oils

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Alfresco Natural Insect repellent

How Exactly Does Insect Repellent Work?

July 20, 2018 by Sarah-Lou, Alfresco CEO

“It’s estimated that, there are as many as 10 quintillion insects alive in the world, which is a lot of bugs! This means that they can be pretty tricky to keep at bay, which is where Alfresco comes in, but how exactly does insect repellent work?.”

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Sarah-Lou writing her blog


April 3, 2017 by Sarah-Lou, Alfresco CEO

Here in my blog written on a beautiful Spring day in April 2017 London, I’m explaining our Best Before dates because I hear there is some confusion.

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Verified Buyer

Can’t do without Alfresco


Have been using all these products for probably twenty years now. Remember my first order when there was no online shop and also we had to send a cheque! Sounds like we were back in the dark ages. I needed them urgently in Spain and my husband rang to order as he was flying over two days later and you kindly offered to post them immediately and trusted us to send the cheque. You don’t forget service like that and I recommend Alfresco to all my friends. Lovely company to deal with. Thank you Patricia Tolson Show Less

Verified Buyer

Great product


I seem to be a magnet for anything that bites. This works but if I miss an area of my exposed body I get bitten. I might try the cream next time. Lovely scent so much nicer than horrible chemical insect repellent.

Verified Buyer



I have been using alfresco both moisturiser and spray for several years now and have always been happy with the result.

Verified Buyer

Alfresco - always great, always effective


Bought a 3 pack - cream, cologne and spray. All are great and effective whilst smelling lovely without nasty (smelling) chemicals... when under mosquito attack on holiday.




Alfresco Repels Bugs All Year Round 



Home or away, use Alfresco night and day. Be a Beauty Without Bites all year round.


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All year round
All year round
All year round
All year round
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All year round




Incredibly Effective Naturally Scented Insect Repellent

Being bitten by insects can be unpleasant and in some cases, downright dangerous, but a good insect repellent can keep these pests away. Alfresco is the best natural insect repellent available to buy online and is incredibly effective at repelling bugs and insects without covering you in harsh chemicals.

Our anti-bug bite fragrances and anti-bug bite moisturisers contain natural ingredients and are completely DEET free. The natural blend can be used on all skin types and can even be used on babies and young children without the worry of the effect of chemicals on their delicate skin. In fact, our moisturisers not only keep insects away, but can leave your skin feeling fantastic. The fragrances are naturally scented and smell great for both men and women, featuring a blend of essential oils which include patchouli and orange.

Alfresco natural insect repellent products are used all over the world and are even loved by celebrities due to their luxury ingredients, including a unique blend of over twenty essential oils. They are incredibly effective at keeping insects at bay, so you can be confident that you will stay bite-free when you use Alfresco anti-bug bite products.