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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent
The Alfresco

The Alfresco

1 x 200ml Moist Tube

1 x 50ml Acqua

1 x 50ml Anti Bug Bite Cologne

1 x 50ml Moist Tube

1 x 10ml Cologne

1 x 7.5ml Acqua


Try Us

Try Us

1 x 50ml Moisturiser Tube

1 x 7.5ml Acqua D'alfresco

1 x 10ml Cologne Bottle


Classic Big n 4Pockets

Classic Big 'n' 4Pockets

1 x 200ml Moisturiser Tube

4 x 50ml Moisturiser Tube


Classics ’n’ Pockets - Limited Edition

Classics ’n’ Pockets - Limited Edition

2 x 200ml Moisturiser Tube

2 x 50ml Moisturiser Tube


Acqua d'Alfresco Animation
Acqua d'Alfresco Animation Banner
What is Alfresco?

What is Alfresco?

Acqua d'Alfresco Animation
Getting to know Alfresco

Getting to know Alfresco


About Alfresco

Natural Insect



Deet Free (Moisturiser and Fragrance)

Paraben Free (Moisturiser)

Paraffin Free (Moisturiser)

Contains Over Twenty Essential Oils

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Alfresco Anit Bug Bite Moisturiser tubes


May 25, 2017 by Sarah-Lou, Alfresco CEO

“The English definition of 'A New Squeeze' is a new best friend, that's what we call our Alfresco Moisturiser in a tube or a bottle.”

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Sarah-Lou writing her blog


April 3, 2017 by Sarah-Lou, Alfresco CEO

Here in my blog written on a beautiful Spring day in April 2017 London, I’m explaining our Best Before dates because I hear there is some confusion.

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Product Reviews


What some of our customers are saying about us and our products


Verified Buyer

Very effective product and super customer service

Very effective product and super customer service

Love the travel products I purchased - was bite free throughout my holiday. Customer service was excellent- they even responded to my request for information on a Bank Holiday weekend. Will purchase again and will recommend the company highly.

Verified Buyer

My Children use the product

My Children use the products before going school and play in the outdoor. Very nice and effective.

Verified Buyer

Excellent as always!

I have been purchasing products from Alfresco since 1999. The products are brilliant and I have used them all over the world.

Verified Buyer

Super product that really works, not cheap but worth the price

I can be plagued by insects and mosquitoes, and have tried all sorts of repellants that did not work. Being a keen walker and gardener, this has been a problem. Now I use Alfresco products - and they are really effective, transforming my life outdoors