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Alfresco Health & Beauty Anti bug bite 'Best Before’ Dates

Here in my blog written on a beautiful Spring day in April 2017 London, I’m explaining our Best Before dates because I hear there is some confusion. In particular I want to talk about our Vintage special BB 03/18 like a wine it matures and improves with age. Mmmmm the fragrance!!?? I truly love love love it. I love to work on my outdoors desk: Lots of bugs hiding in the flowers… which is why I need to use Alfresco! ALFRESCO is the trusted name since 1996 and also the pioneer producer of bug repellents. We use over 22 essential oils in our moisturiser blend to repel bugs not kill them. We love nature, even biting bugs have their important place in the Life Cycle. We at Alfresco design studio respect insects because we love our world. Our world is a precious place and we know how fragile our eco system is, that even the slightest upset can tip the balance. We want a lovely world where even the tiniest insects are free to do their work…even mosquitos have a place on our planet. We can’t harm them. Last year was a particularly great year, a vintage year for ALFRESCO moisturiser. We decided to take advantage of the essential oils we had gathered from the plant crops as we realised 2016 was one of the best year for many years for our ALFRESCO blend. BB 03/18 is one of our best ever productions. Now a year before the date it is currently at it’s very best. BB 03/18 with the symbol 12 in a can on the label means ALFRESCO moisturiser is fresh and good for another year if unopened until 03/19 But how many of us could resist not opening our Special 03/18? Not me, I’m going through using up bottles very quickly, it’s the absolute truth that i am now unable to go out, summer or winter, without using my own ALFRESCO. Our secret blend of special essential oils are specifically designed to activate when an insect detects the fragrance. Alfresco fragrance is one of the few in the world that is totally dedicated to repelling. Once a mosquito smells ALFRESCO from very very far away…they turn on their tiny wings flying in the opposite direction….to bite someone who isn’t wearing ALFRESCO. Our next production will be great too.  Alfresco is great! We only manufacture to the highest level of luxury, that’s why so many people love ALFRESCO the best insect repellent in the world. The view from my outdoors desk:   Sarah-Lou From London Alfresco creative design studio April 2017