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Welcome to Alfresco

Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

The Bug Repellent that Loves to Travel

Hi there On this cold winter’s day in London, I greet Alfresco Fans all round the world. I don’t need my wondrous Alfresco products to keep bugs away today! But as many of you will understand, I still use it every day after showering. The perfume is uplifting and the moisturizer is the best I can find anywhere - on the internet or in shops. Since 1996 when I had that eureka moment of discovering a cosmetic formula to keep insects away, I still feel its aura of protection summer and winter. There’s more to Alfresco than meets the eye.    

Alfresco is my favourite perfume

I still smile when someone comments: “I love your perfume,” then looks puzzled when I reply: “It’s my insect repellent.”

I’m writing my first blog to share the ‘no longer secret’ life of Alfresco. Today after 16 years of relative secrecy, only a few thousand people so far in the world use Alfresco. But those people include many celebs and make-up artists. (They know, you know!)  

Once upon a time in Chelsea

My escapades with Alfresco started in Chelsea Physic Garden, London, in 1996. I worked there as a volunteer and was surrounded by a plethora of plants oozing with essential oils. I’d recently returned from holidays in Scotland and Florida, but had been bitten to bits in both countries. There was no insect repellent that I wanted to put on my skin. They all stank and were full of chemicals. So, with the help of experts, I set to work to mix’n’match botanical oils to make an insect repellent I actually wanted to use. I came up with Alfresco. “Robert Redford’s on the phone” It was fortuitous that within days of manufacturing our first bottle, Robert Redford heard about my invention. He was on location in Montana filming The Horse Whisperer with Kristin Scott Thomas. Both were plagued by bugs. Having Robert Redford as my first customer was a good omen and a great start for Alfresco.  

The perfect partner for your winter sun holiday

I’ll keep you all posted now our secret Alfresco tales of travel and fun are about to be blogged. And I sincerely hope to hear from all of you who have travelled with Alfresco for years. Do get in touch to let us know where Alfresco is travelling with you this winter!   Sarah-Lou, Alfresco CEO www.alfrescoshop.com