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Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

Anti Bug Bite Fragrances

Acqua d'Alfresco is a naturally fragranced insect, bug & mosquito repellent perfume spray proven to repel insects. The perfect way to prevent bug bites on your travels.

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  • The Class Act

    50ml Acqua d'Alfresco + 200ml Classic Moisturiser

    Anti bug bite naturally scented classic 200ml Moisturiser with matching Acqua d’Alfresco scented perfume 50ml.
    We imagine Audrey Hepburn would have chosen this set on location in Rome or anywhere.

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  • Cologne Home And Away


    Anti bug bite naturally scented cologne spray 50ml Bathroom size +10ml Pocket size

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  • The Perfumes


    Anti bug bite naturally scented spray perfumes. Bathroom size 50ml. Set of 4 pocket size 7.5
    The only attractive perfume in the world that repels. Bugs doing U turns flying away confirm that to be true.

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  • Pocket Perfumes


    Anti bug bite naturally scented perfume Acqua d’ Alfresco spray 7.5ml x 6
    Bugs will hate you with these perfumed ammunition in your pockets

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  • Cologne Pockets


    Anti bug bite naturally scented pocket size colognes 10ml x 4
    We shouldn’t have favourites we love all Alfresco but this pack is our CEO’s favourite. She will never go out without a bunch of pocket colognes..summer or winter. Addicted!

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  • The Alfresco


    Anti bug bite naturally scented moisturiser 200ml + 50 ml squeeze + Acqua d’Alfresco anti bug bite naturally scented perfume Bathroom size 50ml
    + 1 each cologne 10ml + 50ml Cologne + 7.5ml Acqua d’Alfresco pocket spray.
    Buy this pack and you automatically become 'A Beauty without Bites'
    on vacation or at home.

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  • 3+3+3 Pocket Collection


    Anti bug bite naturally scented 3 of each cologne 10ml + Acqua d’Alfresco perfume 7.5ml + Classic moisturiser squeeze in a tube.
    Keep these smaller sizes on you when you go out on your big adventures

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  • Acqua d’Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Fragrance

    50ml/1.7fl oz.

    Acqua d'Alfresco is a fine fragrance, perfume spray proven to help protect against bug bites.

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  • Try Us


    Anti bug bite pocket sizes. Naturally scented moisturiser 50ml. Naturally scented cologne 10ml. Naturally scented Acqua d’Alfresco perfume 7.5ml.
    Highly recommended for those who are not yet Alfresco Addicts..you will be!

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  • Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Cologne

    50ml – 1.7fl oz

    Anti bug bite naturally scented Alfresco Cologne

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