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Welcome to Alfresco

Perfumed Natural Insect Repellent

The Power to Repel

We at Alfresco have never rushed into developing new products because we care about getting out what is right for you, our loyal fans, rather than just looking at the financials.

The Alfresco Concept (1996) was developed in a London medicinal garden with perfumers and cosmeticians who cared about my love of cosmetics combined with me getting bitten to bits by bugs.

Over the past few years Alfresco listened to our customers and today we are happy to deliver on our promise to give you a bigger range of skin lotions and another matching fragrance.

More choices, More products, More Alfresco! LESS BITES

It's taken the best part of 5 years (or more if I’m honest) to bring into our production a BRAND NEW ANTI BUG BITE blend.

We called them Flower Power and Planet Power, based on my old-fashioned favourite 60s fragrances, combined with my love of our planet.

Flower Power with matching cologne contains these essential oils; rosewood, spicy coriander, grapefruit, cedarwood, jasmine, vetiver, vanilla, crystal amber. No wonder that it smells delicious right?

Planet Power

Planet Power with matching cologne contains these essential oils; geranium oil (Chinese) patchouli oil (English) lavender oil, lavandin (English) chamomile (English)

I’ve always been interested in skincare therefore our new anti-bug bite lotions had to be as good as our Moisturiser. We developed and are proud of the super hydrating, baby soft skin feel the products will leave you with.

We only use the best of the best ingredients which are as natural as can be. Find out more

We also developed the best ever botanical blend of essential oils.

On our anti bug bite side, for over 20 years we have been working with our tropical medicine research laboratory in London.

Tropical school of medicine

Exactly like Classic Moisturiser 1996 but different to give you choices.

My idea and what I do is mix the powers lotions, classic and spray perfumes,

Mix, match or wear alone. Our product’s focus is anti-bug but as cosmetics/fragrances we are free to personalise make alfresco unique to you.

Now it is your turn to TRY THEM.

Flower Power & Planet Power with spray perfumes to match are now available online to buy.

It’s hard to believe such beautiful fragrances keep bugs away but they do!

We take care to produce the best

Please take care out there with your alfresco